Why Amazon US is the Most Favorable Marketplace?

The internet has changed the dynamics of entrepreneurship. With an audience comprising of more than 80% of the total population of the world, online selling is a safe-bet. If you’ve ever played the game of cricket, in addition to your expertise with the ball and bat, the ground and the weather conditions, do play a vital role in determining your overall performance and the result of the game. Similarly, the amount of revenue you’re planning to earn as an online seller, is directly proportional to the market in which you’re actually selling.

Undoubtedly, Amazon can be crowned as the emperor of this ‘Online Selling Dynasty’. But what are the reasons which make this marketplace favorable for the sellers?.

We’ll take a dig into that in this blog:-


Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Facility

FBA is one of the main reasons which makes Amazon standout among all the marketplaces functioning online. The sellers on Amazon vary from gigantic corporate entities to small stay-at-home sellers. While every seller doesn’t have storerooms to store their inventory, send you inventory to Amazon and they shall take care of the storage as well as shipping. FBA allows the sellers to maintain their primary attention on their business rather than memorizing the different laws and regulations related to excise and customs.

Greater Exposure

While the bigger fish in the sea, Amazon provides the smaller sellers with the exposure they need to grow their operations and business. With an audience of about 85 million all around the world, Amazon provides an open ground to small part-time sellers to experiment and gain experience. In addition to that, offering your product to 85 million people has increased chances of earning a high ROI.

Reduced Costs and Greater Margins

Selling your product in a physical, four-bricked outlet has its own perks. From the storage cost of inventory to the daily running costs of the shop. If you’re selling your product on any marketplace other than Amazon, at the end of the day you might be left with a small amount. After all, the selling platform charges have been deducted. Listing your product on Amazon cost you nothing, literally nothing. If you’re not availing FBA, you literally don’t need to pay anything to sell your product on Amazon and in addition to that you get the best price for your product.

Better Growth Prospects

Every entrepreneur looks for a business idea which would help him move forward. Nobody wants to keep standing at a level even after 10 hard years of carrying on a business adventure. Amazon is the fastest growing online selling platform. Achieving an average annual growth of about 20%,  Amazon ensures that all its stakeholders are accompanied with it in its forward movement.

More Stability Less Hassle

Originally incorporated as an online bookstore, the only change in operations witnessed in Amazon, since its inception, is the diversity in its operations, as it branched out to sell almost everything now. Leaving that out, Amazon has been a much stable and settled platform. When something involves money, change in dynamics, in most of the cases simply mean, increased additional fees or costs, whether direct or indirect, that’s completely out of the equation.

Almost Zero Complexities

Most people abstain from selling online because of a sole reason, the technical complexities involved in getting your product listed, shipping it and then receiving the payment from the customer. With everything integrated into one dashboard, selling your product on Amazon allows you take control of your all the selling related stuff with just one login and that’s it.

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