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Top 5 Products Suggestions to Sell on Amazon’s Prime Day

On July 12th, 2016, Amazon is celebrating Prime Day, offering exclusive and discounted deals for their Prime members, only. Going by Amazon’s relentless marketing of the affair, it’s set to be a huge shopping event for both buyers and sellers.

Since a lot of sellers are probably going to sell popular items to make big sales, we direct you to the products (and their sources) that will truly make you stand out. Our suggestions are based on Amazon’s trending products.

1. Smartphone Camera Lens


smartphones on amazon

According to our keyword search tool, a trend that has steadily grown during the last three years, smartphone camera lenses don’t just sell well, they also allow you to gather a strong margin for every unit sold.

The one mentioned here can be obtained from China at only $8 per unit and can be sold for as much as $20 on Amazon. It is compatible with most models and can be latched on to your phone easily, allowing you to zoom in 8X.


2. Bath Bombs


bath bombs sellers on amazon

When Lush Cosmetics first introduced bath bombs in 1989, they didn’t really catch on. However, with the recent rise in organic skincare products, bath bombs frequently feature in bestselling lists.

You can import homemade bath bombs from China at just $0.95 per piece and sell it for as much as $3-$4 per piece on Amazon. They are available in a variety of different shapes (if you don’t like the typical spheres), scents, colors and packaging. You can also order samples.


3. Foldable Keyboard


foldable keyboard on amazon

Foldable keyboards made of silicon have caught on with people on-the-go and who like to pack light. While the trend dropped mid-2014, it has been on the rise again since the end of 2015.

From Alibaba, you can source it for as low as $4 per piece. The cheapest ones (with good quality) on Amazon are being sold for at least $20 – so there’s a lot of money to be made. You can connect it with your phone since it works with many different models and is available in 6 colors.


4. Matcha Green Tea Powder


green tea powder amazon seller

We know – you’re probably tired of organic tea product suggestions but the fact is – they sell like hot cakes. Since 2009, the product trend has grown steadily, suffering only minute (often seasonal) fall in search queries.

You can import a 10-gram lot for only $0.5 (on sale). On Amazon, the bestsellers are selling green tea powder for at least $11 per 10-gram lot. Even the low-quality ones are charging $8. With a 2 year shelf-life, you can also import stock for your entire selling year.


5. Universal Phone Mount


phone mount amazon sellers

Our desire to constantly stay connected has given rise to a variety of phone accessories and with the growth of real-time chat apps (like SnapChat), we want to use our phones all the time.

Enter universal phone mounts – smartphone supports that one can latch on to practically any form of transport, be it your bike or your car. Queries have risen steadily since 2010. With 360-degrees rotation, it’s like holding your phone in your own hands. You can source it from China from just $1.6 per piece and sell for at least $8.




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