Top 5 Amazon Selling Products

Top 5 Trending Products Ideas to Boost Your Amazon Sales

The real struggle of launching products on Amazon is actually finding something to sell. Interestingly, unlike other tasks, you can’t hope to sit around, brainstorm and come up with a killer product.

Therefore, we’ve done the hard work for you. We list the top five trending products to sell this year, compiled with the help of our Amazon product research tool.

1. Adult Coloring Books

Not selling what’s making money is amongst the biggest newbie mistakes. Thinking to come up with an innovative product, they end up making losses. One such trend you should immediately adopt is adult coloring books.

This trend was pretty much non-existent in the past, but when it showed up at the end of 2014, it quickly grew to hold a place in amazon’s bestselling books’ list. Containing funky and sarcastic comments, designs and drawings, they aim to help adults relax and unwind.

2. Coffee Scrubs

One more trend that was virtually absent from the internet until late 2007. Once coffee scrubs first showed up, they’ve seen a gradual and steady rise in popularity, according to Google Trends.

This is a great example of taking an already hugely selling product and repurposing it to create something new and popular. Caffeine is no longer limited to your morning fix.

3. Baby Clothes

Infant apparel is one category that has remained consistently popular over the years. They sell well constantly because of new mothers’ excitement over their firstborns, mostly.

Regardless, all babies need clothes, first-borns or not and if you decide to join this industry, you can hope to make big sales in the long-run. The competition is stiff, though and if you can come up with some great designs, you’ll have your hands full (with sales).

4. Beard Oil

We’re going to go ahead and guess that the recent spike in this trend has a lot to do with man-buns and beards becoming a thing. The trend took off mid 2013-ish and has gained steady followers since then.

Since it looks like beards and buns are here to stay (at least for now), the beard oil trend will likely hold the fort. Beard oil is basically used to tame beards, give them shape and make them smell better. They’re occasionally used for man-buns, too.

5. Wooden Glasses

While this trend has been around for quite some time, it has steadily gained following over the last couple of years. We recommend this product because it doesn’t look like the spike-and-fall trend that gets only a few minutes of fame and then disappears, forever.

Instead, it has increased steadily after 2009 and will carry on growing in the long-run. The product has a few suppliers but it still hasn’t reached the cut-throat amount of suppliers that the most popular products on Amazon experience.

Try out these items and mention what you think in the comments. If you’re still not convinced, you can try Amazon product sales estimator for niches that you love.


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