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Top 5 eBooks Essential for the Success of Amazon Seller

Ever wonder what goes on in the minds of the most successful people selling on Amazon

Good news is, some of these sellers have penned down their thoughts, revealing their secrets in self-published eBooks. We went through quite a bunch of them and narrowed down 5 we found the most helpful.


Product Research for Amazing Amazon Selling

When we were conducting initial research for AMZ Insight, we came across a woeful lack of eBooks, published by sellers, on product research. Considering the fact that finding a product to sell is the biggest, and hardest, starting step, we were very surprised. So, we decided to distribute it via

This book includes:

  • Outline of a profitable product
  • Product sourcing and market research tools and websites
  • Contacting and assessing suppliers
  • Finding and testing products
  • Getting it live on Amazon.

Download it for free here.

Sell Products on Amazon with Fulfillment by Amazon

Written by Frank Aaron Florence (an Amazon FBA specialist), the book’s titled ‘Sell Products on Amazon with Fulfillment by Amazon: Quit Your Day Job and Travel the World.

This is an interesting take on the journey of a work-from-home fanatic who doesn’t really work-from-home. Florence strikes a chord by asking us to quit our day jobs – something all online sellers want to do – while also giving reasonable arguments for it.

The book covers:

  • Reasons to quit your day job
  • Automating Amazon FBA income
  • Using said income to travel the world
  • Exact instructions on starting an FBA business

You can download the book from KoboBooks.

Amazon Selling Secrets

This one’s an audio book, but still quite helpful for sellers using Amazon. Titled ‘Amazon Selling Secrets – 20 Ways to Make Money with Amazon’, the book is authored by Scott Cooper. The book covers the author’s experience observing other sellers and documenting their trade secrets.

It covers:

  • The ease of making money on Amazon
  • A breakdown of successful selling strategies
  • How others can imitate these strategies
  • Translating these strategies into readable content.

Download the audiobook here.

Winning the Amazon Buy Box

While many people claim to have broken Amazon’s top secret Buy Box code, none of their methods ever actually work. What’s different about AMZInsight’s book is that we accept the fact that the Buy Box code is probably unbreakable.

We lay out an alternate technique; using small tricks and techniques throughout your listing to create a butterfly effect big enough to win you the coveted spot.

The book includes:

  • What is the buy box
  • Myths about the buy box
  • Qualifying for the buy box
  • Monitoring performance
  • Improving your odds to win

Get the eBook for free here.

Amazon FBA Blueprint (on Private Labels)

The complete title of this audiobook is ‘Amazon FBA Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide to Private Label & Build a Six-Figure Passive Income Selling on Amazon.’ Penned by Andrew Louis, the book lays out a step-by-step process into creating one’s own inventions and retailing them as a private label.

The book covers:

  • Potential of the million-dollar Amazon market
  • Choosing suppliers
  • Estimating profits
  • Driving traffic
  • Checklist and research tool for amazon selling and management.

Get it here.


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