Terms of Use

Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully. By using our website or our tool, you’re agreeing to adhere to these terms. They work as a legal and binding agreement.

This contract concerns, and is being carried out between, two particular parties defined as the AMZ Insight Team and the User. Any third parties are not included or involved in any way unless otherwise stated explicitly in the following contract or any updates to what the agreement constitutes in the future.

The meaning of the following words on this page has been defined as:

  • “AMZ Insight”, “We”, “Us”, “Our Team”, “the Team” – the employees and owners of AMZ Insight.
  • “You”, “Members”, “Users”– the customers of AMZ Insight or anyone using our software.

You accept that:

  1. Liability to Users: AMZ Insight is not liable to users in any way, including incidental, direct, indirect, exemplary, special, substantial, minor or punitive damages. This includes loss generation, emotional distress, property damage, descent in revenue and the like. AMZ Insight is only liable to users to the minimum extent of any applicable law. Therefore, you adhere to indemnify the AMZ Insight team from any and every kind of loss you may incur (except as stated in the law).
  2. Member Guarantees: By signing up for our service, you are agreeing not to:
    • Infringe, breach or circumvent any international, national and state laws or use third-party individuals or groups to do so.
    • Illegally or legally hack or damage the solution to gain access to other members’ data and to exploit breached information for any purposes, malicious or otherwise.
    • Use the account or any information on the website to receive or diffuse pornography, sexually explicit content, sell illegal drugs or medications, harass or stalk any individual and/or carry out any illegal activity.
    • Use any email ID or contact information provided by AMZ Insight (tool, website or any other content) to upload, transmit or shoot SPAM.
    • Transmit or upload any malicious, offensive, obscene, indecent, obstructive, damaging, bullying or menacing content.
  3. Variations: AMZ Insight can change prices, policies, these terms and conditions, our services and corresponding policies and dogmas at any given time, without any prior notification or warning.
  4. Payments: Upon registering for AMZ Insight,
    • You will make available an authorized payment source and sanction the company to deduct the monthly fee from provided account.
    • If the current payment source expires, you will provide a new and valid payment source before the monthly payment due date.
    • If we’re unable to deduct membership fee, we’ll contact you and if we get no response within 24 hours, your membership may be suspended.
    • Payment sources include credit cards, PayPal or any other means which we deem acceptable.
    • Failure to make monthly payment will be considered a breach of this agreement.
    • The payment for your subscription will be charged on the 10th day from the date you started the trial. (So, if you started on the 1st, the payment will be deducted on the 10th)
    • The deduction of payment after the 10-day free trial is non-refundable.
    • Subscription fee will be charged on monthly basis until you cancel the account.
    • Incase you do not wish to continue your monthly subscription, it’s your responsibility to cancel the subscription before monthly payment is charged.
    • The deduction of monthly subscription payment is non-refundable.
  5. Defamation and Disparage: Both parties are prohibited to make written and verbal statements (online or otherwise) that are libelous, defamatory or disparaging of the other. You may not defame our company, product, service or employees either directly or indirectly at any time (including after account cancellation) or in any location.
    • Defamation and disparage are defined as any activities or statements that undermine the veracity, talent, aptitudes, honesty, potentials and personalities of our team and our product.
    • The Parties agree that the liquidated damages in the amount of $5,000 per violation provided under this Contract are in lieu of actual damages and are the Parties’ reasonable estimates of fair compensation for the Losses that may reasonably be incurred by each violation of this covenant.
  6. Account Cancellation: Both the user and AMZ Insight have the right to cancel the account without prior notification to the other party. Only if we terminate your account without cause, will we refund you a pro-rated portion of any plan prepayment. In the case of termination, all your data and activity may permanently be deleted from our tool, immediately. Once you cancel your AMZ Insight subscription, your account will immediately be deactivated.
  7. Account Ownership: AMZ Insight credits the person in whose name the account is registered to be the owner.
  8. Pricing Policy: AMZ Insight is authorized to change our prices intermittently and without prior warning or notification, whenever we deem fit.
  9. Account Conditions: By signing up with us, you agree to have the authority and capability to observe our rules.
    • Only humans can register as subscribers. Automated bots cannot register for our tool. Third party registrations are also prohibited. However, you may use your web-browser’s auto-fill feature.
    • You accept that you are at least 13 years of age or have the necessary parental and/or guardian consent to pay for and use this account.
    • Selling your account forward to other users is prohibited.
    • You maintain complete responsibility for your actions using this account, or activities conducted through or in relation to AMZ Insight. Any activities unauthorized or uninitiated by you must be reported to use immediately.
    • You must give us your legal name, ZIP or region code, functional email ID, payment details and other personal information we deem essential for your usage of AMZ Insight.
    • It is your responsibility to protect your password and other account details from theft and malicious usage. AMZ Insight will not be responsible for damage caused by your failure to fulfill protective obligations.
    • AMZ Insight offers a 10-day free trial to any new signup on any of our packages.
    • The free trial ends after 10 days of the signup and the regular package fee is charged which is non-refundable.
  10. Use of Our Service: Your access to AMZ Insight’s service is established on a license of Intellectual Property we’ve granted to you. For the period of your use, you will use the tool in accordance with our terms and conditions, which you’ve agreed to. You cannot extend or transfer your use without express permission from us. AMZ Insight retains all rights not explicitly granted to the user.
  11. Dispute Cost Compensation: In the event we abound against you in any disputes arising from this agreement, you adhere to compensate us for damages, attorney costs, expenses, relief and other outlays incurred by us during the dispute.
  12. Subpoena: In the case of a necessary subpoena response, you may be liable to pay for costs, expenses and damages incurred while answering the subpoena.
  13. Force Majeure: AMZ Insight will not be responsible for depreciation or damages suffered due to forces out of our direct and indirect control, including acts of nature, federal policies, war, power failure, hacking and the like.
  14. Dispute Resolution. Any dispute or controversy You or We have arising under or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled exclusively under The Laws of the State of Victoria, Australia, excluding its conflict of Laws rules, will apply to any and all disputes arising out of or relating to the Services or this Agreement (“Disputes”). All legal actions in connection with a Dispute under this Agreement will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts exercising jurisdiction in Victoria, Australia and courts of appeal from them. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (known as the Vienna Sales Convention 1980) is excluded from this Agreement.
  15. Intellectual Property: According to these Terms and Conditions, we define rules for Intellectual Property for the user and AMZ Insight as:
    • User: When uploading or transmitting data using AMZ Insight’s website or solution, you warrant that you have express permission to put said data into use, online or otherwise and to transmit it using AMZ Insight. Subject to our Privacy Policy, you grant us express consent to dispense and transmit your data anywhere in the world.
    • AMZ Insight: Our website, tool, content, functionality, features and all other data, online or otherwise, issued or created by AMZ Insight, is solely the property of AMZ Insight under the International Intellectual Property Rights Laws. You comply to not copy, adjust, adapt, rephrase, spin, deviate, perform or display our pictures, designs, ideas, videos, blogs, comments, software, adwords, User Interface, posts or any other content made accessible to your on the AMZ Insight website or via third-party content written, published or transmitted by us.
  16. Disclaimer: AMZ Insight presents you with our service and website in full compliance with applicable international and national laws but makes no absolute warranties or guarantees regarding its service that have been implied or permitted, including, but not restricted to, merchantability, performance and full compliance with claims. We also do not warrant the error-free, virus-immune, harmless, complete and uninterrupted service at any and every time of day or night.
  17. Note: We may change, update or nullify these terms and our Privacy Policy at any moment without prior warning, although an email may be sent to relevant parties.
  18. Final Agreement: You accept that this agreement and its titles and content supersedes any previous agreements, representations, understandings, covenants and contracts that the two parties have had in the past, and our constituted as the basis of your use of AMZ insight.

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