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How to Promote Amazon Products Listings?

Amazon offers 5 different promotional tools for the sellers. You can use these to promote your listing or a part of it.

  • Free Shipping: You can offer free shipping to your customers
  • Money Off: Discounted price can be offered on any product which is then listed as ‘reduced’.
  • Buy 1 Get 1: In this type you offer 1 free product with 1 purchased product to your customers
  • External Benefits: Loyalty points can be offered to the loyal customers
  • Giveaways: It’s a new promotional tool by Amazon. Product can be availed as a prize for a giveaway.

Tips on How to Promote Amazon Products Listing

Here’s some more ways to promote Amazon products listing. While you’re promoting you must keep track the rank improvement with Amazon product tracking software to measure the results of your promotion.


If you have a big list of subscribers then targeting them with coupons would probably be a great idea. Coupons are very attractive, they increase the open rate and also make your communication with the subscribers more interesting. Normally sellers send coupon codes within the shipment to encourage repetitive sales and increase loyal customers.


With the update in Amazon’s reviews policy now sellers cannot exchange reviews with free or discounted products. But still discounts are a good tool to increase your sales significantly – as everyone loves discounts. More sales mean improve in Amazon product ranking so making less profit in short term and improving your rank quickly is not a bad deal, as it will further improve your sales.

Lightning Deals

This is a quick way to promote and sell your product on Amazon. It gives the sense of urgency to the customer with the limited number of products, limited time offer or a reduced price offer. Customers don’t have much time to think about it and they want to grab the product at very attractive price. Amazon price tracker will help you to understand the price trends of competitors and track Amazon price history then you can initiate lightning deals to counter the price drops.

Lightning deals are pre-approved by Amazon and the good thing is there’s a separate page on Amazon for listing these deals. Discount offered must be 30% more than the original price of your product in the last 30 days. You may increase the price 30 days before your schedule of lightning deals to offer even bigger discount.

Amazon PPC

Sellers and vendors can use Amazon pay per click (PPC) ads to promote their products. You can set up Amazon PPC campaign from seller central. Your ads will be shown on top and bottom of Amazon search results pages.

These Amazon ads can dramatically increase your sales. Imagine being at 5th page on organic search results and with an ad you will jump right on the top of first page, this can significantly improve your sales and rank.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are the part of Amazon marketing services and it is available for vendors only unlike the pay-per-click ads. Banners can be shown on the search results of relevant keywords or on the top of product listing pages.

Once you start using any of these promotional tools to improve Amazon listing optimization, you should always keep an eye on it with an Amazon rank tracking tool. That would help you to monitor the progress of your investment. In comments section below, you can also share your feedback and experience with us about the promotional tools that you used.

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