What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Outsourcing Amazon Selling Tasks

Selling on Amazon is not easy and most of the sellers are overwhelmed due to several small and large tasks essential to run successful business. When you are selling a handful of products especially via FBA, then it can be difficult to manage everything by yourself. To overcome the difficulty many sellers hire freelance experts to perform some tasks for their business and you need to ask yourself if it is right for you and what are your future plans regarding Amazon selling?

Outsourcing Amazon selling tasks can be risky for the business when you don’t have the idea what to keep and what to outsource and whom to outsource your tasks. So, you should start planning from the beginning of your Amazon selling and understand each and every step of the business by yourself.

When you have few products then it becomes essential to outsource some tasks and save your time and balance your life. Since, its considered as passive income opportunity and it can only be achieved by outsourcing tasks to manage on regular basis such as marketing, customer support and accounts, etc.

As your business will expand, you’ll have to think about outsourcing and turn yourself into more of a manager. This will cost you money but save you precious time and keep in mind for continuous growth this is an essential step to take. We have shared below some advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and also shed some light to help you in decision making.


Advantages of Outsourcing Amazon Selling Tasks


Focus on important task with more time on hand

Mostly Amazon sellers spend their whole time on daily tasks and they couldn’t manage to focus on the business growth strategy. Amazon ads management, Amazon products tracking, customer support and inventory management require few hours daily to work on that means you have to sacrifice on other personal of work activities to keep this business running. Mind you, most of the sellers start this business to develop a passive income source and free lifestyle where they can travel more or spend time with family and friends. So, outsourcing cannot only give you free time but also you can more efficiently expand your business and generate more revenue.


Expand business hours and customer support

An advantage of outsourcing is that you can expand your business hours and customer support to almost 24 hours in a day, when you hire freelancers from a different time zone. You may need to keep an eye on certain products and inventories all the time or you may need 24-hours customer support.

Your employee outsourced from across the world can do this for you and keep your support available for the customer across the day. Because it is easy for them to work at night as in their time zone it will be day time and regular working hours.


Get rid of unwanted tasks

May be you won’t like to maintain the accounts or monitor Amazon PPC campaign and inventory all the time, if that’s right then you can get rid of these boring tasks by hiring someone in some other part of the world.

Outsourcing such tasks to someone will eliminate the stress from your work and improve your efficiency towards other most important tasks as well as get you free time for yourself.


Disadvantages of Outsourcing Amazon Selling Tasks


Finding the right fit and managing the resource

When outsourcing your processes to someone living on the other side of the world, finding the right person for the job is critical and what’s more important is organizing the tasks and managing the resource. It all comes on to you to find the trustable and best fit for your work or you might end up losing time and money.

You can find virtual assistants from Upwork, Fiverr or Freeeup but don’t hesitate to interview the potential candidates thoroughly. If you’re going to organize and manage everything then you may set things up according to your ease but in case there’s a team involved then make sure the coordination between the resources is proper. Again this will still take some time to organize things and set the processes but in the long run it will be beneficial for your business.



Outsourcing will cost you

When you outsource tasks to anybody, basically you’re creating overheads on the business and you need to spend more money. Especially when you hire experts to take care of important things then it can be expensive at times. It becomes your own responsibility to effectively use this overhead on the business for the growth of the business itself.


You’ll lose control

Outsourcing is a solution to lack of time and skills. But those who like to do things on their own and keep every bit of the business close to their chest will have sense of insecurity when outsourcing. Well, there’s nothing bad in it everyone wants to keep business secrets but there are always tasks and things to do that you can assign to others to improve efficiency.

You’ll have to face this issue every now and then that other people are controlling some important parts of your business. To overcome your insecurity you need to set clear processes instead of controlling and interfering in the work of your virtual assistants.

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