Tips and Guide to Increase Amazon Sales

Since the competition has become intense on Amazon, it has become even more important for the sellers to adopt advanced sales strategies to increase Amazon sales. Amazon’s main objective is to make more and more money so the search engine’s algorithms play vital role to achieve this objective. When someone performs a search on Amazon, the keyword relevancy is not the only factor to show the results but also two most important factors; sales volume and consistent sales are considered as well. And, if you want to improve these two important factors to appeal the Amazon then continue reading the tips I am going to share with you now. You’ll get an overall idea on how to improve sales on Amazon.


First Thing First – Improve Your Keywords

In the seller central, backend of every product has five text boxes to enter details about your listing. This is the first step to let Amazon know about the details of your product. You can optimize your rank by optimizing keywords in all the boxes. Enter keywords only once and use synonyms, singular and plural variations. Target both short and long tail keywords. Find the high volume and highest converting keywords from the Amazon advertising campaign and add to keywords box. In order to fully optimize your listing, make sure that you have completed every field of the product’s backend. This is your first step and most important one to increase Amazon sales.

Create Curiosity for Your Amazon Product

You must have noticed how sometimes, discounted prices on products online remain the same for months, even though it says the offer ends in a week. This is one way to create urgency for your product.

  • Use Terms that Create Urgency: Mention ‘Limited Edition’ or ‘special offer’ or even ‘Hurry up! Offer lasts till the end of this week.’ Make people believe they’re missing out by not buying your product right now.
  • Offer Special Bundles: To sell your normal, ordinary product this way, you can offer an extra something for customers. Make sure your bonus product is popular in the Amazon marketplace you’re selling in.
  • Free Goods for a Short Period: Think of ‘Buy One, Get One Free.’ Combine that with ‘Limited Time Offer’ and you have a winner on your hands.

Run Promotions to Increase Amazon Sales

Now that you have successfully included the keywords in the backend and have also optimized on-page listing, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Here, you will need the membership of AMZ Insight in order to track the performance of your keywords and promotions on your products. For the start, you may sign up a 10-Days Free Trial so you can track products and keywords. After signing up go through our extensive knowledge base to learn everything you need to know about tracking and ranking.

To run promotions you may need to create discount coupons and distribute into the online communities to jump start your sales. While the keywords rank tracking is on you will see the improvements in the rank based on the number of sales each day. You can always check your sales from the seller central and also get the Amazon estimated sales of your competitors from the AMZ Insight’s Spy Tool for the comparison.

You might be thinking now how long you should run the promotion to keep up with the competitors, I would say that until you get enough organic sales to dominate the highest converting keywords. Because, if your sales get low Amazon will notice that and weaken your position on the targeted keywords, (remember: Amazon’s objective is to make more and more money for itself) and rank your competitors higher to support their sales so Amazon can also make more money. Amazon promotions can be a great way to increase Amazon sales in short time.


Use Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads Campaign

Amazon PPC campaigns are best way to jump start the much needed sales and you only have to pay if the user clicks on your ad. Amazon sponsored products show on the top of first page in search results thus sending highly potential customers to the listing page and boost sales.

You can start with an automatic targeting campaign or a manual targeting campaign. Although manual campaigns give you full control and laser like focus on your highest converting keywords but for the beginners it is highly recommended to start with an automatic campaign. This way, Amazon will decide and target the best keywords for your listings.

Later you can include the keywords with highest conversion ratio in the backend text blocks of your listing pages, discussed above to let Amazon better understand your listing. On the other hand if the Amazon have selected some random keywords for your campaign that would mean you had not added relevant keywords in the backend and Amazon does not understand well about your product. So, you can go back and add the most relevant keywords in the text blocks.

Over the period of some weeks of running automatic campaign you may find some hidden gems in the form of keywords that you can use to run a manual campaign. In the manual campaign you will find more high converting keywords for your product. Now realize that you have completed a cycle and found some highest converting keywords from both manual and automatic campaigns. And again you can go back to the first step of adding keywords in the backend. Carefully, add these highest converting keywords in the title, bullet points,  search terms and description blocks to improve your rankings. This will optimize your product for the highest converting keywords and improve the organic ranks. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the rankings of these keywords with our Amazon keyword monitoring tool.

4 Tips on How to Improve Sales on Amazon off an Old Amazon Product


Amazon products, like all other retail products, begin to experience a sales slump once they’re about to reach the end of their life-cycle. If you’re experiencing this as a seller, you can take a few steps to get rid of the excess stock lying around and make some profits off old amazon stock. You may also use Amazon sales estimator to estimate the sales in a particular marketplace and sell it their to make money. Learn these tips on how to improve sales on Amazon and increase Amazon sales.

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Tip 1: Add Different Keywords in Amazon Tool

One reason why your product sales may have fallen can be because of outdated keywords in your listing.

  • AMZ Insight Keyword Research: To find out the latest Amazon keywords for your product, use AMZ Insight. To begin with, you’ll type out your product’s name in the search bar. The results will show you the keywords currently in use for your niche.
  • Add New Keywords: You can use these keywords to update your listing and see if sales increase to a normal. If they do, you can easily revive your product as a regular, again. Just make sure you keep using AMZ Insight’s keyword research for Amazon to keep your listing new.

Tip 2: Update Your Image

Amazon product photography is very important as the first thing customers see when they search for the product is its image. If they deem it professional enough, conversion rates are higher.

  • High Quality: High-quality images usually get more hits on the marketplace. Make sure you shoot the image with a white background. We recommend the use of a DSLR camera for clearer images.
  • Different Style: Your new product image must be different from your old one. Shoot your product from a different angle or choose a new variation (preferably color variation) for the main image. Add detailed views to satisfy customers.

Tip 3: Create Offers with Free Stuff

Another great way to increase Amazon sales is to offer free stuff along the main product to make the buying decision easier for the customers.

  • Promote the Free Offer: The bundle you’re offering is essentially your competitive edge; so, you want people to know about it. Display the complimentary goods in your product image and mention the offer in your product title.
  • Offer Something Useful: Remember, your free offer must help customers use your actual product. If you’re selling women’s shirts, for example, offer a free scarf that goes with it. You can also offer free guides or how-to’s on product use.

Tip 4: Add a Video of Your Amazon Product

Videos demonstrating the use of a product are a great way to convince customers to buy them.

  • Fairly Easy to Shoot: Your video doesn’t need to be anything fancy; remember – you’re doing this essentially for an old product. Just make sure you have a good camera, a strong script and an engaging narrator for the video to amp up conversions.
  • Testimonial or Guide: You can either choose to shoot a customer testimonial or a how-to guide. Personally, we recommend a customer testimonial because most people who visit your page will know something about the product’s use (if not, they can always message the seller). Hearing other users praise the product will assure them of the product’s credibility.

Tip 5: Sell via Affiliate Marketing

What could be simpler than outsourcing almost all of your marketing to someone else, and that too, for free? Become a part of the $5 billion dollar industry to make more sales.

  • Pay-Per-Click Commissions: We suggest offering a contract online salesman a small commission for every visitor coming on to your amazon listing through the marketer. This way, at least you’ll maintain a better rank, if not a sale.
  • Join Communities with Affiliates: Not sure where to find an affiliate? Your best bet is an online affiliate forum or community that brings together sellers and affiliates. ClickBank, Warrior JV and MunchEye are a few places to begin.
  • More Time for Future Planning: With affiliate marketers at your beck and call, you have more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business – like future planning.

Now you know how to improve sales on Amazon for a new as well as old product. You should implement different promotional and Amazon marketing strategies to increase sales.  You may also share your Amazon sales success story with us and it may help out other subscribers to learn the tips.

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