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Track Amazon BSR History to Increase Sales.

At AMZ Insight our users write to us quite frequently about Amazon sales rank and how it can be controlled to bring sellers to the top. Knowing the Amazon BSR history is important for the sellers in order to understand what activities are increasing or decreasing the sales rank.

This can only be achieved with the help of Amazon sales rank tracker tool by continuously tracking the BSR history of the product listing. Today, we’ll discuss some technicalities about the Amazon BSR, by understanding these you will be able to maneuver the changes in sales rank in your favor and increase sales.

1.   You Need Amazon Sales Rank Tracker

To beat the competition, you need to keep an eye on your competition.

  • Amazon sales rank tracker: Once you signup, you can enable product tracking to get historical data about the product, its selling trends, its price history, review trends and the like.
  • It’s cheap: You can choose from four available packages; Researcher, Specialist, Professional and Warrior. All the packages are competitively priced have all features and offer 10 days free trial.

2.   Sales Rank Isn’t Constant

Amazon changes its ranking after every hour, depending on a number of factors. In order to find new products that sell fast get the estimated sales with Amazon product sale estimator and find how much a product can sell having a certain BSR.

  • Even a single sale can boost ranking: According to data collected with AMZ Insight, we discovered that even if a single sale takes place, the ranking of a product can shoot up immediately. Similarly every sale helps you boost your sales rank and increase in sales rank results in more sales.
  • It falls just as quickly: The same data collected showed us that after a sale is made, the rank graph continues to plunge with the absence of sales.

3.   BSR Algorithm Includes Predictive Analysis

Grounded on historical sales data of a product, Amazon predicts the future performance of your product.

  • Trends may favor new products: Amazon Predictive analysis algorithm may decide that the current amazon sales trends of a new product are better and therefore, it’ll sell better, ranking it higher.
  • May make it hard to get on top: A new product may jump up in ranks from 50,000 to 200,000 with two sales because it’s competing with products that haven’t seen sales in months. Cracking into the top 100,000 (and above) is much harder because the current trends of these products are better. Again, it varies from category to category.

4.   Sales Ranks Alone Doesn’t Reflect Product Popularity

As mentioned before, Amazon BSR history tracking shows that a single sale can boost a product’s ranking. Therefore, it doesn’t truly reflect how consistent the product sales are. BSR is not the future performance indicator in terms of sales.

  • Always consider product reviews: If a product feels out of place at a certain rank, see how many reviews and ratings the product has and how old they are.
  • Stock quantity helps too: Along with the reviews, also see how many items the seller has in stock. If the number is large, that means his/her Amazon selling business is going well and the product sells consistently.

5.   A Product’s Sales Ranks will be Effected by Competition

Amazon’s BSRs rank products depending on how well they do against each other within the main category and sub categories.

  • Relative ranking: It won’t matter if you’re selling a thousand items a day and your competitor averages two thousand items in a single day; your rank will remain unchanged.
  • Increased sales do not always equate increased ranking: Considering the above-mentioned point, an increase in sales will not raise your sales rank if your competitor’s sales have increased by a larger ratio.

Above points are good to keep in mind while competing against tough competition. Amazon BSR history will help you keep an eye on your competitors activities and the sales they achieve. So, you can also come up with a better plan to sustain the competition.

If you want to learn more about our Amazon sales rank checker, Amazon BSRs and their secrets, you can download our FREE resource “Soar Up the Amazon Bestseller Ranks”.


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