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How to Improve Amazon Listing Copywriting

Typically Amazon copywriting is the common way to improve your listing. With a good copywriting you can easily increase your sales, improve Best Seller Rank and make more money. There is a skill and strategy required to put together the words to make your listing informative, compelling and persuasive to drive more sales. Copywriting skills are especially important in the Amazon marketplace to make your listing unique, search friendly and to achieve top Amazon keyword ranking.

Today I’ll share some tips on how you can improve your listing with copywriting.

                                                                   Amazon Copywriting Tips


Length of Title

When a user perform search on Amazon or open a listing, title is usually shown different in length in different devices. It may show at 35, 76 or 115 characters in length depending upon the available area. So, write a title in a way that you provide useful information to the user at each point. Don’t just add keyword after the keyword in the title, this may not help you in better ranking. Amazon’s rules can also help you to come up with a good title.


High Quality Bullet Points

Clearly mention the product features and the benefits in the bullet points area. While you are writing the features in bullets always try to answer “why do you care?” for the certain feature or attribute. Length of bullets depends on the category of listing but typically it should be somewhere between 170 to 200 characters.


Persuade Your Customers

Try to explain why your product is better than the other similar products. Explain the uses of products in the daily lifestyle of different kinds of users. Describe the benefits and uses of the product to overcome the typical objections that may arise in a customer’s mind.


Product Description

Here’s your chance to explain your product in detail and let customers know what makes your product different than other products on marketplace. You can achieve this by telling other uses, better quality, color options and availability in various packaging.

Help your customer to visualize the experience of using the product and enjoying the benefits of it.


Avoid Troubles With Amazon

While you’re drafting copywriting for the listing try not to add misleading information or any brand name. As it’s against Amazon’s policy so, you may run the risk of getting your account suspended. You should also not include the generic terms such as top product, good quality, on sale etc.


Use Relevant Keywords

Copywriting contents should include only most relevant keywords because Amazon has clearly mentioned that it may not use all your supplied keywords to retrieve product in search results. There are several reasons including irrelevant search terms, offensive or illegal terms and more.


By using above tips you can significantly improve the copywriting for your listing and rank better in Amazon search results. Share with us how these tips helped you improve Amazon listing or share your ideas with us below in feedback section.

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