Amazon Tracker – Amazing Tracking Software for Sellers

Are you an Amazon seller? Struggling hard to keep up with the competition and make sales? What if you knew what your competitors are doing to draw more ROI? What if you had the ability to know what products are exactly being searched by people to buy in your niche? If you wish to have that power to monitor what exactly is going on in the niche in which you are selling, how much is the competition, and what is the strategy of your competitors then you must be looking for an Amazon spy tool. A tool that can track almost everything on Amazon which is meaningful for your business including the prices, estimated sales volume, best seller rank, reviews and ratings, Amazon keyword ranking and lot more.

Talking about AMZ Insight, it has so many useful built-in features and small tools that will help you from spying on the competitors’ sales volume and pricing strategy to track the ranks of your keywords and negative reviews. You can continuously track all these things to adjust your strategy according to your competitors and buyers behavior – and guess what? It can be set up with only few clicks,  adding product ASINs and punching some keywords in the software. This little Amazon tracking robot will work for you day and night, tirelessly.

Why Do You Need Amazon Tracking Software?

Even though Amazon gets millions of users every day, sells countless products and make billions in revenue, it does not necessarily mean that people will buy any product that you want to sell. There’s normally more than one seller for most of the products available on Amazon that’s why competition to sell the same product is high.

A smart Amazon ranking tracker that turns things around is the light bearer in this situation. It also allows you to find the best products in most profitable niches and identifies the demand, estimated sales, rankings and best sellers to help you easily grow. So instead of selling something and hoping to make good sales and profits it gives you insights what exactly you should sell, where to sell and who to sell based on current market data.

How Does It Work?

Taking an example of AMZ Insight, a Smart Amazon tracker which is very simple and intuitive tool, easy to use and understand large complex data taken from Amazon. Simply search the keyword of your desired niche and it will bring very important stats for you including the Amazon estimated sales volume in that niche. Add yours and competitor’s products to the tracking tool to stay updated with the competitor’s performance, pricing, sales and ratings so you can fine tune your strategy. You can also add keywords to our Amazon keyword tool to track the ranks in Amazon search results. To improve your customer experience, negative reviews tracker will track the feedback from your customers and alert you to quickly respond to that.

What Amazon Tracking Tools are Included?

New version of AMZ Insight includes following tracking tools:

Product Tracker: This amazing feature of AMZ Insight Amazon tracking software helps you track most of the product data including price, best seller rank, reviews, rating and other useful data. It maintains the graph to make it easy to understand and see the data trends.

Rank Tracking: Rank tracking tool tracks the ranking of listing on the target keywords. So you stay updated with the current positioning of your listing a well as competitors’ listings.

Critical Reviews Tracking: You can track all the negative reviews with three stars rating or less.

Buy Box Tracker: Track buy box of listing to monitor buy box price, frequency of winning the buy box and organic rank of your offer.

Spy on Competitors: One of the most desired tracking tool for the sellers is to spying on their competitors. You can simply monitor their listing and know how much they are selling by getting sales estimates.

There are few research tools included within the AMZ Insight described below:

Product Database: A great product research tool from the hundreds of thousands of products from each category. Basically a re-purposed Amazon catalogue that allows you to use various filters and options to drill down the huge database and find profitable products within minutes.

Niche Analyzer: Great tool to analyze niches quickly by just entering the keywords to the system and you’ll get to see top selling products along with the sales estimates almost in any niche.

Keywords Research: Very easy to use keywords research tool is great for new sellers to research and find popular keywords for their listings. Simply add few relevant seed keywords and get the suggestions straight from the Amazon.

What An Actual Amazon Software Can Do?

To get all these tools and features in one bundle, being an author, I would recommend to opt for a smart Amazon research software with all in one solution. It will help boost your overall online sales on Amazon and will identify potential marketplaces to sell more. For example, you can track the products that you or your competitors sell on Amazon. You will get important stats about those products for decision making such as the sales volume, price tracking, reviews tracking, sales rank tracking and more. All these tracking details are constantly updated in one place that means no more going back and forth from one software to another.

Furthermore, you can add keywords to the products that you have added in tracking tool. A smart Amazon tool keeps a constant track of the ranks of those keywords. It displays the ranks in an easy to understand graph so you can identify the trend of each keyword rank and your competitors are ranked on targeted keywords.

Tracking negative reviews on Amazon is very much desired by the sellers because they always want to keep their customers happy by identifying the time they are unhappy and catering their needs. This is only possible when you respond to negative reviews in time and a smart solution for amazon sellers can help to achieve that. It will send you email alerts when it detects a review with a rating of three stars and less.

All in all this Amazon product tracking software is great for research, tracking and spying on the Amazon. Gather vital business insight to maneuver your Amazon business towards the profitability at very nominal cost. You can take 10-days free trial to test all the features and their benefits for your business before even actually start paying for it.

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