Amazon Product Sales Estimator to Find Selling Potential

There are millions of products on Amazon sold by millions of sellers across the world. This fact is enough to understand how high the competition is on Amazon marketplace as it is one of the largest retail giants in the world. One more interesting fact is that anyone can sell almost any item on Amazon from anywhere in the world and this makes it more attractive for the sellers. Although its easy to start selling on Amazon or entering another Amazon niche but if you have not done the proper research then the competition would make it tough to survive.

If you are looking to start selling on Amazon, the first step is to find out what products to sell with high profitability and sales. If you can figure out the sales volume of the product then it would be easier to take the decision whether or not you should source it to sell on Amazon. There are few Amazon sales calculator available in the market claiming to provide sales figure of any product being sold on Amazon. The fact of the matter is no one can provide exact sales figure of any product but Amazon. So how you can find the sales of an item that you want to sell and figure out if it is profitable to sell or not? At AMZ Insight we are offering this solution and provide estimated sales of products on Amazon with the help of our robust Amazon sales estimator tool.


How Estimated Sales Are Calculated?

Here’s a little insight on how we estimate the sales of a product. We are constantly tracking quite a few thousand products in each category to track sales. Data collection from hundreds of thousands of products and then modeling is done regularly on monthly basis to keep it updated with the latest data. Then sales are estimated off the Amazon Bestseller rank of the products however it will never be exact but the estimates are close enough to the real figures that you can use for Amazon product research and forecasting. That’s why we claim the estimates are correct from 70% to 90% depending upon the product and category.

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Why Do You Need Amazon Sales Estimator?

We have already discussed that a seller would need it to find out what are the hot selling products on Amazon and you can also forecast the sales of an item. You can also use our Amazon product sale estimator to spy on your competitors and know how much they are selling. Then according to that you can design your sales strategy and run promotions to boost your sales. While you are using it for research purpose it will also show you other useful historical data of product tracking such as price, BSR, reviews and ratings. You also get the overall look of the product’s statistics and it all displayed nicely in easy to understand graphs and tables.

Amazon sales estimator is an essential tool for the sellers to not only research on new products, niches and other Amazon marketplaces but also to formulate sale strategies and keeping eye on competitors. We have thousands of user currently using this and now it’s your turn to put this amazing tool at work and make your Amazon business smarter than your competitors. Sign up 10-days free trial now to test how it can help you to improve your research and business on Amazon.

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