Importance of Amazon Product Ranking for Sellers

Yes, it is important to concentrate on maintaining product quality and spending a lot of time in formulating pricing strategies. Amazon product ranking is still one of the most important aspects of maximizing revenue. The science behind the rankings of the search results has been identified and explored to the core. But the science behind ranking results when a search is made still remains in the dark. Similarly, its hard to explore the Amazon product ranking algorithm which decides how to rank products.

3 times more, yes you read it right, more than three times, an average customer looks for a product to buy on Amazon, rather than on Google. This shows the significance of Amazon SEO towards the development of a prosperous business ‘empire’. The unexplored science here is that of the largest products’ search platform, the Amazon. But, one seller survey suggested that most of the Amazon sellers pay attention to enhancing their Google SEO. Shocking, isn’t it?

Amazon Product Ranking Algorithm

Amazon product ranking algorithm is called A9, and as quoted by Amazon, the product which sells more ranks higher. But, aren’t the product rankings the key in achieving higher sales? This might blow your mind. Well, it might seems like chasing your own tail, but there are multiple aspects of this theory as well. Experts have worked hard and have invested a lot of time in decoding this mystery, but the relationship still remains unknown. However, to some extent the hard work has actually paid off. The route to a higher Amazon sales rank, is associated by experts with the reviews and ratings posted about a product and the searched keywords.

Product ranking is a major deciding factor for the number of sales you might achieve in a day. If your product appears on the 1st page of the results, 15-20 sales depending upon the category are estimated a day. Anything beyond page 1 means you’ll have to live with a niggling 5-6 orders per day. Amazon product ranking tracker will track the ranks so you would know, how good a listing is performing and what exactly needs to be done.

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Well, let’s just put the technical discussion on the side for a second, and wear an average customer’s glasses to have a look at the market from a consumer’s point of view. Every single individual in this world wants to get the maximum benefit out of their money. Let’s face this, selling crappy products won’t take you anywhere as far as Amazon selling is concerned. Competition is intense and customers have many choices. Try selling something of good quality that “actually sells”.

Coming back to the technical aspect, product reviews are important in generating sales. Track product reviews with Amazon review checker to find and fix negative reviews. This will create a cycle for your  growth. It must be noted that the discussion here is about product reviews not the seller feedback. More reviews and ratings a product has, more are the chances that it will get higher sales than similar products with lesser reviews and ratings. As psychology has proved that an average human being relies more on a representation made by a third party, rather than product details mentioned by the seller.


Amazon Product Ranking and Reviews – Complicated Relationship

If you wish to see your product in the bestseller ranks, an in-depth analysis of this ‘complicated relationship’ between product reviews and rankings is a must.

In order to understand this relationship, you need to ask few questions from yourself. This might sound a bit absurd, but it really works. Here’s the question, does your buying decision influenced by the product’s description or the review by a user of that product? More chances are that your decision might get influenced more by a product feedback. Apply the same concept to Amazon selling and you’ll get a slight hint of the chemistry behind the relationship between product ranking and product reviews.

Now a question might arise that how does a product review or a feedback would come into play here? Well, the answer is quite simple. Product reviews and feedback are triggers for sales. An Amazon expert at AMZ Insight suggests that product reviews and rankings influence a lot of buyers, in deciding whether a particular product should be purchased or not. The more positive reviews, the higher the sales shall be recorded for a product. The more the sales, the higher the product rank.

While some of the readers might label this relationship as ‘indirect’. While a positive review might contribute towards an enhanced product ranking. Failure to address a customer’s concern within 2 weeks can actually get you suspended from selling on Amazon.

Furthermore, when sellers know that reviews are also an important ranking factor, they might look forward to manipulate the reviews to get higher product rankings. Amazon, itself places huge emphasis on customer satisfaction. So, again an attempt or actual manipulation of reviews and ratings, can lead to a permanent ban on the Amazon seller.

Role of the Reviews

Product reviews do play a vital role in making your product sell-able. What if, a negative review is posted about your product? Product reviews and rankings are directly proportional to each other. In the light of the previous sentence, what if a negative review is posted about your product? Failure to answer your customers’ concerns, has a negative impact on your credibility as a seller and on the quality of the product as well. So helping the unhappy customers on urgent basis can help in getting the negative review removed. In most cases, quick customer support can actually lead them to change their negative review into positive one.

Role of the Rankings

Amazon keyword ranking is important to sell the product and make money on Amazon. If the product is ranked well, only then you will be able to sustain this business because top ranked products tend to sell more and have more chances to get the reviews. We can also say that number of reviews depend upon the ranking. An Amazon product ranking tool can help you to continuously monitor the rankings. This way you will know which product you need to work on in order to increase Amazon sales and ranking.



Now that you know the importance of product rankings to improve sales on Amazon. And you have the idea how the Amazon product ranking algorithm works when ranking the search results. Your next step is to set all your products on tracking in a rank tracking software and also monitor the Amazon negative reviews. The tracking data will save you huge time and give you important info which you can use to increase sales.

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At AMZ Insight, we offer these tracking features which you can try by signing up 10-days free trial. Once you signed up, add your and competitors’ products and also add keywords to the products to track the rankings on your target keywords. You may also turn on the critical reviews tracking for your products in order to quickly help out the unhappy customers.

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