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3 Phases to Launch a New Product on Amazon

A huge part of the success of your amazon selling depends on how your product is launched in the market. You don’t want to be the amazon startup that failed because you didn’t know the basics of launching products on Amazon. Product launches are all about finding the right time to let your creation fly. You might feel a need to immediately put up your product but a successful online launch takes as much planning, branding, testing and revising as a physical launch. Moreover, with amazon selling getting so common, new products are being launched every day. Sellers need to make sure they don’t get lost in the crowd. The process itself can be long and complicated. To simplify matters, I have divided the Amazon product launch process into three discernible phases. Later we’ll take a look on how to successfully launch an Amazon product so sit tight and continue reading.

Phases of Amazon product Launch


Below are three phases of launching products on Amazon.

Phase 1: Tactical Development and Brand Presence

Firstly, you will need to figure out who your main audience is and how you can target them via web and brand presence.

  • Early Adopters: At this stage of the product lifecycle, the people who’ll be interested in your product are early adopters – people who basically try everything in their industry of interest. Define your industry and outline all the features of the product in the Amazon listing page to attract customers.
  • Develop Brand: Start by thinking of a standout logo and name for your product. On other platforms, you’d be doing this for your company but on Amazon, products matter more. You can define a company logo, too, but remember to use your creative juices for product marketing.
  • Internet Presence: Your amazon listing page is only one page in trillions on the internet. To promote Amazon products, you’d have to develop a presence off-Amazon. You’ll need a regularly updated, informative and engaging blog post, an active Facebook page and preferably, Amazon landing page.

Phase 2: SEO and Engagement

You can call this the promotional phase of Amazon product launch process where you’ll generate interest for your product.

  • Blogging: If you develop a website, your blog is probably going to attract the most traffic. Blogs not only promote your product but drive enhanced strategy and acts as a leadership forum for your customers.
  • Keywords through AMZ Insight: To make sure your customers discover you, both on and off Amazon, you’ll need to find out the keywords most relevant to your product. You can do this through Amazon keyword generator and tracking on AMZ Insight.
  • PRs, Videos and link building: Launch a Press Release, preferably on a paid platform to inform customers about your product launch. Release videos – viral content with real humor– on YouTube and try to aim for viral content. Build a link network that drives traffic to all your webpages, using the keywords provided by AMZ Insight.

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Phase 3: Advertise Everything to Drive Amazon Sales

While launching products on Amazon, spend the last phase ruthlessly promoting and advertising your listings.

  • Google Adwords: This is the best way to kick start your online advertising campaign for selling on amazon. Adwords reach a high number of audiences, are cost-effective and Google makes it easy to read stats, as well.
  • PR and Social Media: Submit another PR after the release to communicate availability to customers. Keep your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts active to keep customers engaged and interested.
  • Crowdsourcing: Larger companies are using crowdsourcing campaigns to hold competitions and discover creative ideas for products. They also use crowdsourcing for viral content, to market goods and to make some money along the way.

How to Successfully Launch an Amazon Product


Now that you understand the phases of Amazon product launch, the next step is to learn about the action steps in order to successfully launch an Amazon product.

1. Contact Amazon Selling Influencers

Influencers are prominent figures whose opinions hold a lot of value in their specific niches on Amazon. If you’re looking to reach customers quickly, asking influencers to publically endorse your product is a good idea.

  • Engage: Contact these people and talk about your Amazon product or service with them.
  • Samples: Send them free samples so that they can test the product themselves.
  • Reviews and feedback: Ask them to write product reviews (both on Amazon and third-party websites) and give feedback for improvement. Also, ask them to mention your product on their social media accounts.

2. Promote Via Amazon

Since amazon is where you’ll actually be selling your product, it makes perfect sense to promote your product there. It’s the place where your target customers are most likely to be.

  • Amazon Ads: These are usually displayed on the results page and on product detail pages. The ads also make it on the mobile and tablet websites.
  • Competitive Bidding: Amazon takes a bite out of the sales. You basically have to pay them when the ads work and the higher you bid to pay, the more your chances to get selected.
  • Landing page: Your products’ detail page will be the landing page for your advertisement.

3. Get Visuals to Boost Amazon Sales

Content is still king, but people are no longer as interested in written content as they are in the visuals.

  • Infographics: These are hugely popular nowadays. They are incredibly colorful, are low on written content and are easy to share.
  • Video tutorials: If you plan to write how-to guides about using your amazon product; don’t. Make a video instead.
  • Amazon listing: The image you display must be HQ. Include as many supporting images as are allowed.

4. Do Something Out of the Box

You can get immediate attention for your Amazon brand by doing something that goes viral. This is a bit of a hit or miss thing but if you’re creative enough, you’ll get a huge launch on Amazon. Here’s what you can do:

  • Viral videos: Doing an elaborate, yet creative, prank is a great way to go viral. Alternately, you can also create a social message video which tells people how your product is breaking the norms on Amazon.
  • Surveys: You can also conduct a survey, and then publish, a survey which communicates the importance of your product or one which favors the use of your product.
  • Irony: Do something that might mock your product, but at the same time, conveys how brilliant it is. For example, if you’re selling an eBook, you can create a funny video showing how people who read the book are unable to do much something else.


In the End

This is pretty much it about launching products on Amazon however, your marketing does not end here. You need to know if it’s actually working and if more visits translate to more sales.During and after these promotional campaigns, you must constantly keep track of your products’ sales. This will indicate if your efforts have paid off. You also need to stay abreast of the latest selling trends. Sign up 10-Days free trial for FREE with AMZ Insight to get all of that and more.

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