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Know About Amazon Product Database Research Tool

As a seller on Amazon you always want to expand and search for new products that you can sell and make money. But it is not an easy task to find the most profitable product that can quickly start making you money. You need to do a lot of research, track data in spread sheets and turn yourself into a data scientist to get this job done. At AMZ Insight, we have made this time consuming job as easy as 1…2…3, literally! Our Amazon product research tool will do the heavy lifting for you. It will let you identify the most profitable products to sell from our repurposed Amazon catalogue. Before that lets take a look at the importance of products research and how you can conducts it without using an automated Amazon product search tool.

Significance of Amazon Product Research

Your quest for the product search will guide you to identify the most profitable Amazon niches and products. You will be able to understand different prices, features and qualities of the product and it will also be easier for you to devise Amazon pricing strategy for your products.

Product research is essential to understand what the pain points of the customers are in order to improve its features. This way you will also be able to establish competitive edge.

Important part of the product search is to track all the competitors to monitor their activities. Amazon tracking tool will help in understanding their strategies and further identify the other popular products in that niche. You can consider selling new high demand products to make more money on the go.

During the process Amazon listing optimization tool and the tracking data will help you improve the title, bullets and description of the product. This will significantly improve your chances of making more sales.

Conducting the Amazon Product Research

Amazon product search can be done in few ways which include manual research and automated tools. Amazon website itself can help to begin your Amazon product research manually without using any tool.

Product Search on Amazon

Here are few pages of Amazon that can help you to find products as well as in Amazon niche research:

Amazon Best Sellers is the best place to start manual product search. Find the best selling products in any category and pick those which are priced in the impulse buying range of $30.


Similarly Movers & Shakers and Hot New Releases are great pages to find the new and most sold products within a day time. If you are interested in the gift niche then Amazon’s Gift Finder and Most Gifted pages will help you find the top selling products in this niche.

Product Search Tips

Don’t get lost in the countless ideas that you might find on your way to comprehensive Amazon product research. Many tempting ideas might add several products to your list and divert your focus from the original plan. Keep your focus by following these quick tips:

  • Find products from the above mentioned Amazon pages.
  • Important section available on the product pages such as Frequently Bought Together, Sponsored Products, Related Items and Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought should be your main focus.
  • Get product ideas from these sections and use to expand your listing and up selling.

How Does Amazon Product Database Research Tool Work?

This tool works continuously and always updates products that are best sellers on Amazon into its database. When you start your research on this tool, basically you need to select the ranges of several filters available to narrow down your research. You can select the minimum and maximum ranges of estimated sales, reviews, price, category, seller is FBA or individual and more filters to choose from.

Then on real time this Amazon product database research tool will search through its own extensive database and bring the results. Results will be shown in the form of list of products with Amazon estimated sales which you can further narrow down by adding more filters. From the results you can find out the products that you can easily source and sell on Amazon quickly. Database behind your search is expanded across all the BSR categories and updated on regular basis.

Why Do You Need It?

It is helpful for sellers Regardless of the fact that you are an existing seller on Amazon or wish to start selling. Amazon Product Database software is much needed tool to identify fast selling and most profitable products. As an existing seller, you can use it to expand your online business to other niches. You don’t have to sit in front of computer for hours to do your research and find the top products from the Amazon best sellers items. Select the criteria that most suitable to your preferences and hit enter, you will instantly find the product ideas. These product ideas are based exactly on the filter ranges that you have selected that means you can comfortably select the products from the results.

In case you’re looking to start a new business, our Amazon product database tool is still helpful for you. You don’t want to have a lousy start of your new Amazon business. For the highly competitive environment of Amazon product research tool is your first place to kick off your product research.

This Amazon product research tool is one of its kind which is designed in a way where you create a niche of your choice. Then it will find the most relevant products out of the largest pool of best selling items on Amazon. Don’t forget to check your new product’s profitability with FBA Calculator. It’s your turn now to stop wasting your efforts in extensive research and quickly figure out what items you can sell with high profitability. Sign up your free trial to test this and other useful Amazon keyword research tool.

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