Why Sellers Should Use Amazon Price Tracker?

As an Amazon seller you need to track prices of your competition in order to match your prices. Tracking prices in the spreadsheets manually is a very labor intensive and tedious job especially when you have many products and huge competition. In such a case, Amazon price tracker app is your best option to automate the tracking for a large number of listings. Amazon sellers from across the world including USA, UK, Canada, India, Japan, China and other countries use price trackers to stay updated with the competition. If you don’t track prices of your competitors on daily bases and don’t adjust your prices accordingly that simply means you are losing sales every day.

In other case, if you employee someone to do this job for you it will further add a huge cost to the business and that is even only 8 hours a day. And, there are still chances of errors in manual tracking. So, act smart and don’t leave any money on the table by selling at the lower margin. Offer competitive prices to the buyers, win Amazon buy box more often and also improve your profit margin, it all possible when you know the next move of your competitor.

Below are the reasons to use automated Amazon price change tracker so you can take quicker and better decisions for the business.

1. Save Time With Automated Amazon Price Tracker

Basically, a price tracker automatically track the changes in price once you set it to track a particular product’s price. It works 24/7 and track all the changes in price up or down and it never gets tired. This way its not only saves your time but also works at the fraction of the cost of a human. AMZ Insight has a built-in price tracker with the Amazon product tracking tool so you don’t even have to subscribe and set the price tracking separately.


2. Efficient, Effective and Economical than Manual Tracking

It’s needless to say that a full time employee can easily get tired and lose his efficiency in tracking the prices of your competitors all day long. He will also be lot slower than the change in prices of your all competitors especially if most of them running seasonal promotions and changing prices quickly. It is totally recommend to put an Amazon price tracker tool to this job that constantly track Amazon dynamic pricing and also saves you lots of money.


3. Avoid Human Errors with Automation

When you constantly track the prices and put in order in the spreadsheets, it is very much possible that you can make mistakes and errors during the process. And we know that mistakes can cost you a fortune when selling on Amazon.

On the other hand an automatic Amazon price tracker greatly reduce the probability of leaving errors and mistakes behind. It can easily handle this cumbersome and continuous price tracking job and you get accurate data to take better decisions.


4. Work-Life Balance by Using Automation

Most of the Amazon sellers are not using automation and spend huge amount of time in tracking prices and gathering data. May be lots of them don’t know even if there are automatic tools exist to save them time that they can spend with friends and family.

Many Amazon sellers are using price tracking software to do the job automatically and efficiently. This software not only laid out data in easy to understand Amazon price graph but also save time to go for fishing with friends or for a family destination. Even when they are sleeping that price tracking tool works for them and collect important data that later can be used to keep up with the competition.

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AMZ Insight Amazon tracking tool is a great piece of technology that lets you track Amazon price history continuously so you can set accordingly to win the buy box frequently. It is obvious that with Amazon price tracker software you not only saves time and money but also achieve maximum efficiency and data accuracy for your Amazon business. On a serious note, if you wish to expand your product line up within the existing market or into another marketplace of UK, Europe or Asia, set similar products on tracking to get useful product data before making any decision.

You can totally count on its tracking abilities and not trying it free won’t do any favor to your Amazon business. Currently, you can sign up a free trial for 10 days to see how it can add value to your business.

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