Why Do You Need Amazon Price History Tracking?

Keeping an eye on the prices of the products on Amazon is in a greater interest of both buyers and sellers. Buyers track  prices because they want to save money on regular products, hi-tech gadgets and electronic items they buy from amazon. In case of sellers, tracking and maintaining Amazon price history is essential to keep up with the competition. Sellers regularly need to reprice their items due to high competition and for a greater chance to win the Amazon buy box, so they won’t lose sales.

Imagine when you are tracking the listings of all of your competitors and getting sales estimates, maintaining Amazon BSR history and number of reviews along with the price tracking. This will give you a clear picture that how much of a competitor is making more sales and revenue by changing their prices. You will see this vital information in an easy to understand price graph. Then adjusting the prices of your listings can significantly improve your chances of landing in the buy box. Lets take a quick look on how you can track prices, what you can do with the data and how beneficial it can be for your online business.


How to keep Track of Amazon Price History?

At AMZ Insight we have made Amazon price tracking very easy, as you just have to add the product’s ASIN for tracking. You get Buy Box price of the item that is updated several times a day. In fact, a 30-Day Amazon price history tracker graph gives you a pattern to predict when and how much the price of a particular product will change. And, this is a technical edge for you to always adjust to the best price and make more sales.

You can also track prices manually in the spreadsheet and waste your important time which you can spend to do other useful tasks. You get less data points through manual price tracking that means you’re not adjusting prices more frequently and ultimately losing sales. There are some benefits of using an automated Amazon price tracker that can help you improve business, more on this later.


What to Do With Amazon Product Price History Data?

Once you have set products on tracking and regularly getting the changes in prices. You will see a graph being generated for the latest price data. After several data points you will start to see the trend line of item’s price in the buy box. It is suggested that lower price helps you more to win the buy box. So, if the graph line shows the downward trend you may want to lower your price to win the buy box and if it’s going upward then increase in price will also allow you to make sales.

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By adjusting to the price fluctuation, you are not only making more sales but also keeping the good profit ratio. AMZ Insight’s automated price tracking tool helps you keep up with the competition and win the tough price war.


Benefits of Tracking Prices With AMZ Insight!

Price tracking offers direct and indirect benefits to the business and the seller as well. There are several benefits when you track item prices with AMZ Insight Amazon price tracker, below are quite a few to state:

  1. Save time by automating price tracking
  2. its more efficient, economical and effective than manual price tracking
  3. You can avoid human data entry errors with automation
  4. This automation allows you to balance your work and social life
  5. You get more data points than manual tracking

Our price tracker is the best tool to watch the sale price history of any item. If you are looking to track prices of Amazon items then you are at the right place. Along with the buy box price you will not only get average price but also the minimum and maximum price of that item. This meets the full price tracking needs of an Amazon seller.  Price alerts and notifications will be added soon in order to get the maximum benefit out of this tool.

Earlier we were keeping the Amazon price history of each item for last 30 days which will also be available soon to download in CSV(Excel) format for later use. Recently, we have been getting lots of requests to maintain a longer history and we have listened to our users and extended it to 120 days backup but longer history data is available on request only. This can help you formulate your Amazon pricing strategy for seasonal sales to efficiently boost your profit.

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