Increase Sales With New Amazon Marketing Tools

Today I’ll be explaining two new marketing tools that Amazon has offered recently to its FBA sellers. These two Amazon marketing tools will help you kick start your sales at the new Amazon product launch and also differentiate your product from the other sellers of similar products.

Let’s take a closer look and why you should care about these.


Private Label Seller Can Add Product Videos!

Many of the Amazon sellers have been waiting for the product videos section to add some in-action video of product to highlight the uses and benefits. It was already available for the Vendor Central sellers and the FBA sellers were quite jealous of it and even sometimes considered it as discrimination. Well…good news is Amazon has released the beta version of product video tool for the FBA sellers.

Oh wait! This awesome new feature is not for just any FBA seller but for only those who have registered a brand with Amazon which is the pre-requisite for enabling the Enhanced Brand Content in the Seller Central. So, it is highly recommended to apply for brand registration with Amazon because this video marketing tool will not only increase conversions but also protect your brand on Amazon.

How it Works? 

It is very easy to use this video tool once you have access to the Enhanced brand Contents section. All you have to do is upload the video with product images and video will show on product’s page along the images.




Video uploading option will only be available to the FBA sellers who are in Enhanced Brand Content program and have a registered brand name. In this section simply enter the SKU and click Get Started button to add your video. You can also read video guidelines from Amazon to upload an appropriate video and customize the title, description and thumbnail.




Your product video will also appear in the Video Shorts section at the bottom of product detail page. This is another opportunity to enhance the exposure of your product.


The Vine Program

In the Amazon Vine Program, Vendor are able to give products to selected top reviewers and get the feedback that will be show on the listing. Only the most trusted reviewers on Amazon are able to get products under this program and share their honest review to help other customer to make a purchase decision.

Now Amazon has also released it for the FBA sellers, where seller before launching the product can have Amazon customer reviews on the listing. And additionally these reviews will have more value because of coming from the high ranking reviewers.

Under Vine Program each product that you wish to get reviewed will cost you a whopping $1,000 including the including the shipping to customers and fulfillment fees. On the top of that product that you will give away to the reviewers will also be free for them. All-in-all this is a bit too expensive specially if your per unit cost is high and profit margin is low.

If we take into account $1,000 fee per ASIN and the cost of number of product units and compare it with the Amazon ads spends or discount coupon giveaways. It seems that Vine program will be less productive and won’t pass on value to the sales velocity. However, Amazon PPC ads and coupons when generating sales will definitely improve your organic rankings and the Amazon Sales Rank.

“Enhanced Brand Contents” is FREE

Apart from the above two marketing tools, now brand owners can also add graphics in to the description using different layout. This new service is free from Amazon, as of now and hard to resist. Basically, it’s an initiative to encourage sellers to register their brand with Amazon and sell quality products.

We’re not sure how long it will stay free but for sure won’t last forever.It’s more like a promotion to find the interest level of sellers. And if there’s significant sellers opting to go for it then there’s a good chance that in future you have to spend some extra bucks for this.

Free doesn’t mean that you’re free to add anything in the description. There are, however, some rules to follow. Furthermore, your listing has to be approved through a formal review process. Listing can be rejected if you fail to follow their rules.


These two major features for the FBA sellers show that Amazon wants to push them towards brand registry and also giving them options to share their product’s story. As we know, registering your brand not only create loyal customers but also protects your products so its vital to develop a brand now because Amazon also giving more controls to private label sellers.

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Product videos bring your products to life and Vine program will get you much needed and highly trustable reviews on the listing before the launch. Only brand owners are getting their hands on these new features so other FBA sellers should also consider setting up a brand with a future business perspective.

Let us have your thoughts and experiences if you are already using these features in the comment sections below.

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