Amazon Feedback Removal Tips and Tracking Amazon Negative Reviews

Amazon negative reviews or low ratings are always annoying for the sellers. It drops the average rating of the product on Amazon especially when you have low reviews count on the listing. Even if your product has good rating still many customers specifically look for the negative reviews to get the idea of potential issues that may arise with the product. Although its rare that Amazon deletes negative reviews on seller’s request but you as a seller must track reviews and report any spam, fake or funny Amazon reviews. We have shared few options that a seller have regarding Amazon feedback removal and what approach should be adopted. You will also read some tips on how to remove negative feedback on Amazon so continue reading.

As an online retailer, you’ll have to face negative product reviews on daily basis. The effect of these reviews on your business lies in the way you deal with them. Retailer-customer relationship is one of the most significant aspects of any profession. Therefore, as soon as you see any negative customer review popping up on the screen, deal with it immediately!


Amazon Negative Reviews Definition

A review on Amazon is negative when it comes with three stars rating or less. Rating above 3 is normally considered positive by the Amazon users as it leaves a good impact on potential buyers. Negative reviews always drop the ranking of the product and cause damage to sales that’s why negative reviews tracking is important for the sellers to convert them into happy customers. Amazon reviews tracking tool is always useful to do the hard work for you in a smart way.


How to Track Amazon Negative Reviews?

Gone are the days when things were pretty much manual and Amazon sellers have to be glued with the computers to manually find the negative reviews by the customers on each product. AMZ Insight, a complete Amazon tracking software has automated the Amazon negative reviews tracking job for the sellers making life easier. With an intelligent negative feedback tracking software you can turn on the tracking with just one click and start getting email alerts right in your inbox. Whenever our system detects Amazon product review with 3 stars or less it sends an email alert to the seller so that it can be dealt quickly.v

Simply add a product in the Amazon product tracker, turn on the reviews tracking with one click and sit back. You will start getting email alerts for the negative reviews as soon as it is recorded.


Amazon Feedback Removal Options

Once you have started getting alerts from Amazon review checker, the next step is what to do with them and how to take care of unhappy customers. Start taking actions in order to help out your customers and change their reviews. Because you have limited options for the Amazon feedback removal.

You can either quickly contact the customer who left the negative feedback and fix their issue to have the review revised in favor or have it deleted by This will help in not only improve customer satisfaction level but also enhance product rankings with the positive rating.

The second option of getting the review deleted is less effective because it’s not always the case that Amazon will delete the review on seller’s request. Amazon deletes negative reviews only if its truly violating the guidelines (such as fraudulent review by the competitors, bad language, etc.).

There’s a third option to deal with it by publicly commenting on negative review. It will remain available to the users and will also negatively impact your rating. But the good thing is you can give your opinion to show other users that you have fixed the issue. So this is more like a damage control tactic.


Resolution Approach to Remove Negative Feedback

Always try to make a professional approach toward the customers’ issues. Deal with the buyers in a proficient manner. Be their ultimate rescuer and problem-solver! Don’t let the unreasonable complaints affect your practice. However, you can offer a solution of an exchange, repayment, or return in situations where the negative analysis is about a defective product. Such practices will help you out in negative Amazon feedback removal or better yet change it to positive one.

To reach your set aims in the profession, learn to understand the customers’ natures. Many clients leave negative product analysis in hopes of getting a response from the seller. While, in other cases, customers leave negative reviews because they feel deceived by the product page some way. However, 71% of people, according to a research, post a negative review in hopes of receiving a response. Hence, it is most likely that you can reduce your negative reviews by considering the customers’ feedback and offering solutions to them based on their problems. If you solve their issues, they will most probably change or remove their review.


Tips on how to remove negative feedback on amazon


  • The earlier, the better!

Never overlook the negative reviews. Deal with them quickly, the earlier the better. Create a daily or weekly agenda to check up on new reviews, answer those new ones, and to make sure that everyone is happy. Use Amazon review tracking tool to keep a track of negative reviews.


  • Apologies for the win!

Although it is essential to recognize whether the review is valid or not, your apology will always be the first preference. First, apologize and then proceed. Do this, even if products were broken or damaged in transit or after dispatch.

  • Be helpful
  • Don’t be defensive
  • Apologize


  • Get in touch

Make sure that you contact with the maximum customers. Develop the relationship of trust!  Offer your contact information to the customer after the problem has been resolved. Then follow up to ensure client’s satisfaction because it is the key to judge scenario.


  • Removing Negative Reviews

Although customer interaction should be your first and foremost priority but in some cases, it may be the best to consult directly with Amazon to delete a negative review. Amazon holds such policies as well with its product analysis controller. Product reviews that fall under this category and liable to be removed are:

  • Related to seller and delivery experience
  • Related to product availability and response
  • Unsuitable Content
  • Numerous negative reviews from the same client
  • Abhorrent speech & violent Content
  • Promotion of illegitimate Conduct
  • Competitors pretending to be a customer and leaving negative reviews.


  • Request Good Reviews

Try to resolve things the other way round! Why not just counter the negative reviews with the good ones? This is when you’ll get to take benefit from your happy customers. Exchange incentives such as discounts on next purchase when customer left a good review!

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Negative Reviews aren’t All Bad

I believe that there is nothing like a “BAD” review! It has something good in it too! Amazon feedback removal should not always be the first thing when you get a negative feedback. These reviews tell you about the progress you’re making in your niche as compare to other sellers. Amazon product research and tracking tool will also help you monitor your progress. All these statistics definitely play a major role in your planning and progress! Sometimes, many bad reviews actually compel clients to buy the concerned product to find out what actually went wrong! That isn’t bad at all, as long as it brings you profit. Is it?

I hope that after all this discussion; you’ll look at the Amazon negative reviews in a new way! Consider trying out our reviews tracking software free for 10 days and see how it will help you in improve customer support and service.

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