Want a Share in Our Profits?

Love AMZ Insight? Help us spread the word and make 100% commission*.
Promote our keyword research tool and earn a commission for every sale you originate.

How It Works?

You bring us customers, we pay you commissions. Simple.

  1. User clicks on a custom link to our website from an affiliate’s link or email.
  2. User’s IP is logged and we place a cookie in their browser to track them.
  3. The user reviews our website and chooses to register as a user.
  4. Once the user registers, they’re considered a sale for you, even if it’s not the same session.
  5. You get 100% of a new customers’ first-month fee.
  6. AMZ Insight appraises and accepts the sale.
  7. You get paid on the first of the upcoming month.

What’s in It For You?

Sign up with us and

  • Advertise a great product, with huge future potential growth.
  • No lifetime risks as you get paid the 100% commission no matter how long the customer lasts.
  • Get help from a quick and efficient support team.
  • Get timely payments – up to $130 for the 1st month.

Payment Details

  • You get 100% of a new customers’ first-month fee, for every sale you bring in.
  • You’ll receive your payment on the 1st of every month.
  • Currently, we only support PayPal as our payment method. If you can’t provide us with a PayPal address for payouts, contact us before registering.

Attribution Details

  • You’ll receive no credits for referring yourself and registering for our tool.
  • International affiliates can simply enter “International” in the location field, once they’ve registered.
  • A new client is credited to the affiliate whose link last directed the customer to our keyword research tool.

Conditions for Affiliate Program Registration

The affiliate should:

  • Have a good presence in the target market.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Have former selling/affiliate experience.
  • Wait for AMZ Insight’s transaction verification before counting a sale.
  • Not promote competitor’s products. Affiliates caught doing so will have their accounts terminated.
  • Not promote products using their own name.
  • Not target customers who have used AMZ Insight in the past. There will be no payments for bringing back old customers.
  • Users must signup directly from the AMZ Insight website for it to count as a sale.
  • Use the custom URLs given to them for promotional purposes.

*For the 1st month only.

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