5 Tips For Hobby Sellers to Sell more on Amazon

For hobby sellers on Amazon, to reap maximum sales, following are the tips which can actually help to get extra out of the same time and money invested by you while wearing the robe of an online seller on Amazon.

A Superhero named FBA

Every Amazon seller, whether a gigantic corporate one or a small stay at home one, will surely agree to the fact, that FBA is a superhero, life-saver, storekeeper, delivery assistant, all in one. One of the major problems faced by an average home-based Amazon seller, is to find a place to store their inventory. Well, especially in a holiday season, when your business is in full swing, you do need a larger place to store your inventory. Operating all around the globe, you can never expect from which part of the globe you might generate an order. For an average man, it is not a piece of cake to have knowledge of the customs and the excise.

In exchange of a small fee, FBA not only keeps your inventory safe but also ships it when an order is received.

Stay Aggressive and Win The Buy Box

You don’t need a magic wand for winning the buy box on Amazon. In addition to order fulfillment and customer satisfaction, pricing also has a role to play in making you win the buy box. Be aware of what your competitors are up to and set competitive prices. Never under-rate a customer, always look to provide them the benefit and they will surely benefit you by choosing you, and that will increase your sales.

Introduce “Customer Oriented” Offers

Keep the customer at an advantage. Formulate such pricing strategies which makes your product stand out. Offer discounts, after sales services, bundle offers and anything that makes your product attractive. In addition to that, expand the area of your operations and operate in different Amazon marketplaces.

Increase The Visibility of Your Product

An average consumer purchases what he sees. We are not denying the science behind brand consciousness, but how does a name becomes a brand, that’s what the real point is. Brand is a product, which became famous not only because of its quality but also because of consumer’s favoritism. Now a question arises, how can we make our product favorite? The answer to this is simple, increase your product visibility and automatically the customer would reach up to your product. But do bear in mind, maintenance of quality should always be your priority. If a consumer isn’t satisfied about a product, he would not only discontinue its purchase but would also stop recommending your product, when asked by any third person. Hence, negative marketing, isn’t it?

Invite External Audience and Traffic

Learn the art of increasing the sale of your product, through the use of Amazon Super URL. Super URLs help you divert the traffic from different social media platforms and markets to your product through the use of small URLs, which takes the user directly to your product page on Amazon. This will not only increase the audience on your product, but would also help achieve a better ranking for your product, because as quoted by Amazon, “A product which sells more, ranks higher.”

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