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4 Reasons To Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Who wouldn’t like an extra buck to make their weekend exciting, but making money can sometimes get back breaking. Looking for something which not only rewards you but is exciting at the same time, then Amazon Affiliate Program is the one for you.

But now, a question might arise in the mind of some of the readers, that what exactly is Amazon Affiliate. Originally named as Amazon Associates, it is one of the principal online subsidiary advertising programs. It has a long reputation of creating answers for help site proprietors, Web designers, and Amazon dealers by promoting a large number of new and utilized items from Amazon. By getting yourself affiliated, you get commission on the sale of the product which you choose to get affiliated with.

Since, you’re now familiar with what exactly an Amazon Affiliate is, this post will now show you why getting affiliated with Amazon will benefit you monetarily:-


1. Amazon is a Credible Brand

Any person around the globe, who has ever shopped online must be aware of Amazon. A consumer’s survey conducted a year back, suggested that almost all the purchasers purchasing online knew Amazon. An online research shows that out of all the stores operating online, most spending done by an average consumer online, is on this very platform only. A wise choice, isn’t it?


2. Decent Commissions

4% is the commission offered by Amazon. Some of the readers might argue with the modesty of such amount. But, this amount might seem low if you’re selling a product with a price tag ranged between $10 – $20. But, what about a product tagged $10000 or $30000. Now, how does a 4% of that amount looks? Furthermore, what if that low price tagged item help you generate a sale of around 500 items per month. Well, since I’m not that good at maths, but yeah, I can surely bet that it will simply result in a much decent and handsome amount than one would expect and well, you can do the math for yourself. Just kidding!

Furthermore, Amazon also provides you the opportunity to earn more as you sell more. If you sell more than 6 products per month, you commission rate would jump from 4% to 6% and a sale of more than 630 items per months can even help you earn 8% commission as well. Looks like a handy deal to me.


3. People Spend More On Amazon

A research conducted on a number of online marketplaces suggests that as compared other online marketplaces that spending on Amazon was highest among the lot. Furthermore, a separate research conducted on the Amazon buyers suggested that an average Amazon buyer end up purchasing additional products in excess of the original product for which he actually came to the market.


Now, a question might arise, how can this help an Amazon Affiliate? You must have learned about passive income, apply the same concept here. If you bring a buyer to Amazon, you will get your commission for every single product they purchase within the 24 hours of his trip to Amazon led by you. Thumbs up to that!


4. Holiday Season = Boom Season

As compared to other online markets, the holiday season on Amazon is a frenzy. The 4th quarter of the year is the year which an online seller simply loves. Past history suggests that, revenue earned during the last quarter of the year comprised of about 45% percent of the total revenue earned throughout the year. The mentioned statistics are a mirror of the wonders you can achieve as Amazon Affiliate during the last season.

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